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17th DECEMBER///great news!!!' Black As Death' hits the amazon charts ,best hard rock and metal seller #1
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Right from the opening notes of the power metal brilliance that is Iron Mask, you get the strange sensation of getting your ass kicked all around your Metal Universe. Of course that's just this guy's opinion and really that's all that matters (maybe that's why the Metal Universe is always kicking my ass!). Anyhoo - "Hordes of the Brave", the second release from one of my new favorite bands, mixes all the true to form power metal ingredients with an old school 80's new-classical feel in the vein of early Yngwie minus the never ending harmonic minor scale runs. A mix made in heaven for this guy. The guitars, handled just swimmingly by (apparently) Belgiums #1 guitar hero Dushan Petrossi, scream ahead at full metallic steam laying down catchy leads and melodic, groove laden riffs while maintaining a heaviness that's beyond compare. Just really solid musicianship that doesn't fall back on clicheed techniques. And the performance coupled with a perfect mix make this a crack pipe in a junkies wet dream. The vocal talents of Goetz "Valhalla Jr." Mohre add the perfect icing over this display of perfectness (Am I going to far yet?) with a smooth yet raspy delivery reminiscent of Mark Boals from the early Yngwie days or Oliver Hardmann from At Vance (who coincidentally adds vocals to 3 of the albums tracks). For christ sake for all that is metal in the world, go out and buy, borrow or steal ( O.K. Lion Music probably wont like that) this disc and fill your ears with the majesty of IRON MASK. Do it now dammit ...
Rob - www.adrenalinfanzine.com - 10 out of 10 points

I always think it is annoying when someone comes along and says "this album reminds me too much of some of that old school '80s metal stuff." You know what, quit living in the past!! This is the music of now; so what if there is some real riffage, real harmonies, and real soloing, that is what rock and roll (or in this case, heavy metal) is all about. Iron Mask is one of those metal bands that procures the utmost technical musical approach of bands such as Malmsteen/Rising Force, Virgin Steel and Gamma Ray. With music filled with high velocity energy combined with progressive, symphonic and power metal elements, Hordes Of The Brave places Iron Mask's claim to the metal throne at the forefront of their sound. Take for instance "Demon's Child," "Holy War" and "Iced Winds Of The North," where the music shows highly-complex, powerful neo-classical metal arrangements. Darker metal cuts such "The Invisible Empire" and "My Eternal Flame" take a turn towards a more churning emotional focus, proving that the record moves beyond any typical one-dimensional metallic typecast. When it come to the guitar work on this record, Dushan Petrossi is fucking brilliant. He plays a neo-classical shredding style, but yet he does it melodically, following the song's content, without any musical 'wanking' going on. Of course, the arrangements are dense and are also highly 'anthemic' and 'epic' oriented. Nevertheless, the music is built around the song, where there of course is that catchy factor that is mandatory for the metal masses. This is true heavy metal, not nu-metal or rap-rock or whatever "new rock" radio stations feed the teenagers these days. Iron Mask plays real metal with real musicianship, the real deal for today's sound. Raise your fist up in the air!

I don�t get too excited about new powermetal albums these days mostly because the right feeling isn't there,I want songs with melody - a powerful sound and promusicianship coz when it's supposed to be fast.......the production has to be crystalclear and with a tight performance like with Luca Turilli,Avantasia and At Vance to make a few examples. But now I hold another fine release in this genre that can be counted to these strong albums,the label Lion Music puts out powermetal efforts once in a while but none of them is as good as guitarist Dushan Petrossi's Iron Mask's new album "Hordes of the brave" which is a tribute to Alexander the great lyricwise. Dushan presents two great singers in Oliver Hartmann (At Vance) who sings on 3 songs and Goetz Mohre that will surprise many people with his Graham Bonnet/Bruce Dickinson-esque vocals........real powerful! Sure the music is fast and influenced a lot by Yngwie Malmsteen but in this case,Iron Mask feels more refreshing and entertaining to listen to than Malmsteen's latest work. Petrossi delivers a few cliche's but it's done in such a remarkable way that I forget about them for now.

Dushan Petrossi is the man behind one of Lion Music's latest releases, Iron Mask. This band is Dushan's solo group, aside from his work with Magic Kingdom. This is the second Iron Mask album and it is a little ripper. Anyone disillusioned by what Yngwie is turning out should pick this up immediately. Dushan makes no apologies for being Yngwie-inspired and 'Hordes of the Brave' is a fantastic mix of old Yngwie and At Vance. For the recording of this album Petrossi enlisted the vocal supremacy of ex-At Vance singer Oliver Hartmann. However, Oliver takes the reins on 3 tracks. The remaining tracks are handled by the unknown (to these ears) Goetz Mohr. This guy will not remain unknown for long. My God, what an incredible voice. Aspects of Jorn Lande, David Coverdale, Graham Bonnet, and even the afore mentioned Hartmann. The rhythm section is handled by the same one that drives Magic Kingdom, while the super talented Richard Andersson handles the keys. The interplay between Petrossi's guitar and Andersson's keyboards constantly remind you of the duals between Yngwie and Jens Johansson on Malmsteen's 'Odyssey'. Now, having enlisted a couple of mighty singers and a group of stellar musicians, Dushan also wrote an album of material that even Yngwie might tip his hat to. You don't get a much brighter start than 'Holy War', a monumental neo-classical anthem with sweep picking all over the place. The drumming gives it an even greater edge with a slightly thrashy sound. Cool stuff. On the tracks 'Freedom's Blood' and 'The Invisible Empire' you can really hear the At Vance sound coming through, especially on 'The Invisible Empire' which has Hartmann on vocals. The duet between Goetz and Hartmann, 'Ice Wind Of The North' flies by at the speed of light and the two sound great together. An all-out neoclassical rocker with a chorus that hints at Tyr-era Black Sabbath. If there was any doubt about the quality of Goetz, not that there would be, then those doubts are laid to rest on the power ballad 'My Eternal Flame'. When I first heard it I thought it was Hartmann singing. I'm sure that will give you an idea of how good Goetz is! On most occassions I haven't been overly impressed by Lion's releases. Either I don't appreciate the style, or the quality is lacking. However, there have been times when this label has come up with not only a good release, but a friggin' brilliant one. Iron Mask is one of those times. I cannot emphasise how deeply impressed I am by both Dushan's guitar work and his strong song writing. Not sure who produced it but 'Hordes of the Brave' also has a huge production. With this album you get the whole package - extremely tight and talented musicianship, major label production and songs that have classic written all over them!
Luigi Cisaria - www.glory-daze.com - 5 out of 5 points

Iron Mask of guitarist Dushan Pertossi (ex Magic Kingdom) are back, with the help this time of the former vocalist of At Vance Oliver Hartmann, in a project that proudly follows the neoclassic power metal and that, let's be clear, has got little of original, but which succeeds to be truly persuading and to confirm skills of spontaneousness and decidedness. "Hordes of the Brave" (which follows "Revenge is my Name" of 2002) succeeds in this task thanks to the songwriting skills of Iron Mask, able to mix virtuosities and melodic immediacy, a not simple balance to reach in this genre. The opener "Holy War" with its fast walking and his Malmsteen-like melodic airs, immediately puts Iron Mask on a state of pure emulation: the guitars create a speed wall of sound and the keys of the guest Richard Andersson (Time Requiem, Majestic, Space Odyssey) strengthen the final effect, rarely leaving themselves go in solo scores as it happens with the six strings and mainly striving to make pompous arrangements, for example in the power ballad "The Invisible Empire". The class of Dushan Petrossi surfaces in the epic "Freedom's Blood" "The Patriot" and in the progressive crescendo of the following "Time", but also in the more classically heavy oriented songs like "Demon's Child" and "Troops of Avalon", showing to own great skills. The best, anyway, is given by the middle-east like atmospheres of the solemn "Alexander The Great - Hordes Of The Brave", a characterized composition by a slow step and royal breath, and in the sparkling "Iced Winds of the North", still marked by the mark of pompousness, before of the touchy ballad "My Eternal Flame". A realized album with honesty and professionality, then, by an ensemble of musicians which often prove not to have anything to envy their more famous colleagues.
Flavio Ignelzi - www.silentscream.com

I was first aware of the Belgium Guitar Hero Dushan Petrossi back in 2002 when he released his debut Iron Mask album on Lion music to an unsuspecting public. Not only did he look like his hero Yngwie Malmsteen but he could pretty much play like him as well, and the album is still one of my favourites to this day. There are still many Neo Classical Metal albums surfacing from each corner of the globe, but what set "Revenge Is My Name" apart from the rest was the sense of passion and hunger coming straight from Petrossi's lightning fingers and exiting songs. It made me hark back to a time when Yngwie Malmsteen had something to prove on his first few albums and complemented with such instrumentals as "Morgana's Castle" and "Secret Tunnel of the King" it was a welcome addition to anyone's collection. Skip forward 2 years and Dushan then revealed to the world via a bigger label that he has another band up his sleeve in the form of the excellent Magic Kingdom. This was a band where he felt had more commercial acceptance than Iron Mask, because he could graft his Neo Classical leanings onto a more Symphonic Speed Metal sound to tie in with European audiences more. "Metallic Tragedy" was actually their second album and won Dushan higher praise still, with some people even going as far as to say he was the heir to Yngwies throne. So here we are another 2 years on and it's once again the turn of Dushans baby, the wonderful Iron Mask. Now advance reports mentioned that Dushan had something special up his sleeve recording this album but I was to have no idea just how special until this thing hit me straight between the eyes. Firstly, the line up is now the strongest he has ever had, Magic Kingdom included. New Vocalist Goetz "Valhalla Jr" Mohre has replaced Phil Lewatae and my god, what a vocalist! Coming at you like a cross between Stephen Frederick (kenziner/firewind) and Graham Bonnett his passionate delivery is the cherry on the cake to lift this album into epic proportions. This will be one singer in demand from here on in. Of course there is also the odd song in which Dushans long time friend, ex At Vance man Oliver Hartmann steps in, and I must say, he is always a welcome addition, as his tracks here are some of the best and most memorable he has ever recorded! On Keyboards I was almost drooling when I learnt that Space Odyssey/Time Requiem man Richard Andersson had done the solos. To put what is possibly Europe's best Keys man in there is just another example of how this album has turned from good to spectacular. Throw in a tight heavy rhythm section of Vassilli Moltchanov-Bass and Anton Arkhipov-Drums and the ultimate band is assembled. Recorded in Paris and mastered at the prestigious Finvox Studios in Finland the sound is huge, majestic and beyond anything I could have imagined from this band. Dushan now has the band and sound to take his game to the very top, and lastly...the songs. Yep, take them to the top is exactly what he does because anyone who can produce a more stunning opening track than "Holy War" surely can't be human. I don't think I've ever been so blown away by the sheer power and brilliance of this track and it merely sets the scene for the next hour. Whereas "Revenge is my Name" drew its inspiration from early Malmsteen, as in, the first 3 albums, Dushan has taken the more commercially accessible songs and production and married them to wonderful hooks and performances, so what you have here is the follow up to Yngwies "Odyssey". Tearing through fast and frantic numbers, slow burners and emotive ballads, and featuring a loose concept about the worlds most notorious leader Alexander the great, Dushan admits that he did not want to be restricted to the preconceptions that this might be construed as just another Malmsteen rip off. Yet with an album of this calibre, it is Dushan who will be reaping the rewards for a long time to come.
Nick Hinton - Virtuosa Magazine - album of the month

The Belgian Neo-Classical Metalband IRON MASK returns with a new CD, which actually sounds better than what MALMSTEEN has been doing the past couple of years. Without a doubt, this is a high quality release, although we need to mention that nothing new is brought here, because IRON MASK is a sort of continuation of the late 80s records by Mr. MALMSTEEN. The best Neo-Classical Metal was done in the past by MALMSTEEN, ROYAL HUNT, SYMPHONY X and ARTENSION, but if we talk about more recent adventures in this genre I really have to add ADAGIO and SPACE ODYSSEY that made a huge impression on me. Musically IRON MASK is not that far away from those bands, but just a bit more straight-forward Metal sometimes and less based on the instrumental parts, because we get to hear 11 song-based tracks here. I am safe to say that this new IRON MASK may be seen as one of the better releases in the Neo-Classical Melodic Metal genre. Vocally we have another DIO inspired vocalist, who sings very well actually. All together it sounds like a more song based version of SPACE ODYSSEY, the band of RICHARD ANDERSSON. Songs like "Freedom's blood" "The patriot", "Demon's child" (very strong and catchy), "The invisible empire" (a la MASTERPLAN!!!), "Troops of Avalon" and "My eternal flame" (OK, this is a beautiful ballad with amazing vocalwork a la DAVID COVERDALE!) are very strong Neo-Classical Melodic Metal pieces, which will not only please fans of this genre, but also the MASTERPLAN fans (and I know a lot of you are, so try this IRON MASK!). The absolute highlight of this CD can be found in the superb "Crystal tears", which is the best Neo-Classical Melodic Metalsong I have heard in ages, because it easily beats everything MALMSTEEN has done since "Odyssey"! Maybe nothing new is brought here, without a doubt we have something really good here, which might appeal to any Rock/Metalfan out there. This should do well in Japan for sure!
www.angelfire.com - 8.8 out of 10 points

Speaking of BIG things you have never heard of, let's talk about Belgium's Iron Mask, a band that is really the brainchild of guitar wiz Dushan Petrossi. Dushan who you say? You know the drill: first guitar at age 9, instrument becomes embedded in his hands, his heart and his soul, first heavy metal song at age 15, bounced around from band to band until he started the prog-symphonic group Magic Kingdom. Signed to Lion Music in 2002 Dushan created his 'side' project Iron Mask basing the band name as well as the songs from that first album (Revenge Is My Name) on the famous book "Man in the Iron Mask". Now here we are with album number 2 titled Hordes Of The Brave, which is a tribute to the famous warrior Alexander The Great. "Holy War" starts things off and the first thing you will notice is the BIG sound both musically and vocally. "Freedom's Blood-The Patriot" is filled with ELO like keyboard solos and enough guitar work to fill a large lake. "Time" slows things down a bit to make room for the fourth track "The Invisible Empire". I defy you to play this song for anyone and have them not think that David Coverdale (Whitesnake) is doing the singing. Speaking of that, their sound is of the power metal ilk. I'm thinking of the soul of Whitesnake meets the muscle of Yngwie Malmsteen with the creativity of Dio or Iron Maiden as a backbone. Most of the tracks are extremely likeable, memorable, and easy to wrap your ears around. Now mind you we are not breaking any barriers down here with some new sound, or innovative twist to the proven recipe. They are making BIG metal music with BIG ideas and even LARGER musical abilities. Tracks 5-8 keep things moving, while track 9, "Iced Winds of the North" uses a thunderstorm and tolling bells to increase the atmosphere. "My Eternal Flame" is a ballad and the last track "Troops Of Avalon" closes things out with a fast, intense groove. Lyrics run the gamut from defending your beliefs, to the sky and the mountains, to kings and witches, strength, love (of course), and all things mystical. Obviously from Dushan's history the guitar rules the roost, but the other band members are not just regular guys thrown in for filler. Dushan handpicked these players to bring his epic to life. This is BIG, HUGE power metal chock filled with enough guitar soloing to keep you busy for a long, long time. The vocals are more than competent and the overall sound is superb. Hordes is truly a fun listen harkening to the days of late 80's heavy metal.
Lord - www.prog4you.com - 8 out of 10 points

Decidement le neoclassique se refait de belles lettres de noblesse. Quelques temps apres le tres bon Space Odyssey de Richard Andersson, voici que Dushan Petrossi guitariste virtuose de Magic Kingdom nous sort le le deuxieme opus de son Iron Mask. On entre dans le vif du sujet avec "Holy war" qui rappelle sans forcer les titres du maetre inconteste Yngwie J Malmsteen. Puis on accelere le rythme - grand coup de batterie et de riffs presque trash. Nous decouvrons la voix et le c'est l'electro choc : le jeune Goets Mohre nous envoete de par son timbre chaud puissant et eraille ; un futur grand. Le refrain lui pencherait plus vers Rhapsody : le cote grandiloquence en moins et les solos eux sont du pur du dur neoclassique superbement interprete. Premier passage reussit et - Freedom's blood - the patriot - va confirmer la premiere impression. Goets se fait plus docile tout en restant irreprochable avec quelques relents - la Jorn Lande. Un futur grand je vous le dit ! Un titre qui fait parler la poudre avec son rythme dechaene. En synthe de folie ce neest queautre que Richard Andersson qui vient repondre au solo dantesque de Dushan donnant une lecon de musique - beaucoup. "Time" se rapproche d'At Vance dans le style mais grece - cette voix monstrueuse elle ne fait pas plagia apportant une personnalite au groupe. Malgre tout, l'on retrouve un certain Oliver Hatmann au niveau des cheurs confirmant l'approche precite. "The invisible empire" se fait plus simple et c'est le grand Oliver qui d'barque au chant enivrant ce titre qui au final ce veut etre tres bon (merci Oliver !). Il est vrai qu'on pourrait penser a At Vance mais c'est quand meme plus du fait du chant que de la musique. On reprend avec "Demon's child" notre Goets qui transcende litteralement les compos sur les quelles il chante (a l'instar d'un Jorn Lande et d'un Nils Patric Johansson) apportant une paire de virilite (pour rester poli) a ce neoclassique grandiose. Que dire des plus sur les solos des pares Dushan et Richard si ce n'est que monstrueux ! "High in the sky" va definitivement vous faire comprendre de quoi est capable Goets car il y delivre une impressionnante demonstration, sur un titre exquis. Plus calme que les autres il repose beaucoup sur la voix qui pourrait nous rappeler le grand Graham Bonnet (Alcatrazz, Impellitteri, Rainbow, MSG etc) de par sa rare puissance. Musicalement terrible avec sa partie instru, ce titre est un futur inconditionnel. Petit tour dans l'ancien temps avec "Alexander the great "hordes of the brave : part1" une intro grandiose au parfum oriental, une voix sublime et un refrain magique : un petit bijou qui frele la perfection. Que rajouter de plus ? Tout est nickel et ce break suivit d'un solo de guitare agrhhh !!!! J'en ai le frisson. Intro purement Malmsteenien pour "Crystal tears" qui aurait tres bien pu finir sur l'album Odyssey de maetre. Une nouvelle fois c'est Oliver Hatmann qui pose son chant magique (quel voix lui aussi) pour un titre enjou' au refrain accrocheur qui se retient des la premiere ecoute. Un pur bonheur qui nous calme un peu apres le perle qu'on vient d'avoir sans forcement faillir bien au contraire. Petit orage avant le tempete, "Iced wind of the north" speed a mort, le refrain voit un beau duo entre Goets et Oliver qui rend superbement bien : quelle energie ces deux la. Ils apportent tant c'est completement fou ! Et que dire de Dushan qui ne reste pas en retrait grace a des rythmiques imparables et des solos de tueurs. Quel gratteux formidable ! La ballade de l'album vient un peu tard "My eternal flame" mais ne fait pas tache au milieu de ces dechaenements ; bien au contraire elle ce fait belle et sensible nous montrant un autre visage du groupe. C'est la sublime voix de Goets qui se rapproche de celle d'Oliver qui nous accompagne dans ce sublime moment. Le refrain prenant accentue la beaute de cette ballade. Goets nous prouve bien qu'il c'est tout faire avec un talent certain, un tres grand chanteur ! Dushan assure comme un dieu dans son solo melodieux et magnifique : un tres grand moment !! Pour conclure en apotheose cet opus "Troops of avalon" commence fort, speedant comme un fou elle t'arrache les cervicales, avant de proposer un refrain a l'air guerrier merveilleux. Mais qu'est ce quelle d'boete !! Le petit break guerrier a la Blind Guardian offre encore un peu plus de jouissance a ce titre veritablement mons ! tru ! eux ! Une nouvelle fois les chours realises par Oliver Hartmann apportent un plus indeniable et donnent au final - cet album des qualites vocales magistrales. Conclusion : cette opus est en quelque sort ce qui se fait de mieux en matiere de metal Neoclassique actuellement. De plus Iron Mask nous permet de decouvrir un nouvel as des cordes vocales pour notre plus grand plaisir. Alors fans de neoclassique courrez vite l'acheter !!
Guillaume - Le Seigneurs Du Metal - 4.5 out of 5 points